“Without customer’s satisfaction, a building is merely a structure” Chinni Khoo : 1996

Here at Pro-Plan Group, our building solutions are as unique as our clients’ lives and needs. We keep in mind our responsibility when designing buildings. Among our designs there are custom homes, office buildings, commercial centers or interior and furniture designs.
A careful attention is provided for environment-friendly technologies, while they provide cost-savings for the client. We strongly believe in
a unity of the exterior architecture and interior design.
Our expertise encompasses all governmental agency approvals, construction supervisions, interior finishes, and furniture design and artwork selection.

Architecture is the concept art and science of designing and constructing buildings and other physical structures. Architectural services typically address both feasibility and cost for the builder, as well as function and aesthetics for the Client.




tbHybrid Tower

tumb-sim3SIMPLY BOX#2


arch-mengSimply Box#1

Perfect place

Hathairach Residence

tumb-SHbuildingShaung Hor Head Office – Hatyai

architectural design
Kumwell Head Office – Bkk

architectural designDouble Box

architectural design
Sihanu  Condominium

architectural design
software park  Myanmar

architectural design
phnom-penh Complex

Denim expert

Underpass – Myanmar

architectural design
Hana Box

Green Box#2

architectural design
Balance Box

architectural design
T-Sport Complex

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